The HABITUS Design Group

MBAA are a reccomended firm by the Habitus Group.


The Habitus Group are a Design & Client adviser consultancy group who specialize in luxury developments across the globe.


With over 20 years in the industry we provide our clients with advice on latest trends, program ideas, hospitality and commercial design consultancy & design management.


Habitus comprises of a like-minded group of respected, talented architects and interior designers who can offer our clients ideas that not only generate income but these iconic, landmark developments become trend setting establishments for years to come.


We are progressive, forward thinkers who make the impossible possible, we are humble in our approach believing that producing the best product speaks volumes.



  • setting collaborative project outcomes
  • strategic decision-making
  • stakeholder consultation
  • architectural, interior designers
  • design brief development 
  • feasibility studies
  • Value engineering
  • procurement procedures

  • Appraisals of design proposals.

  • We provide multidiscipline design services including architecture, interior, engineering and landscape services in collaboration with our partners
  • Feng Shui consulting services
  • RFP proposals
  • Retail design and management

Our teams are a blend of local talent and international senor Designers and Management experts that are passionate leaders who strive for quality and have proven track records of delivering luxury projects in sometimes challenging markets.

We specialize in ensuring timely submittal of deliverables but more importantly checking and critiquing to ensure quality.