PTC Tower
Makati, Manila

Located in the Makati area of Manila, the PTC Tower for the Philippine Transmarine Inc. will provide a luxury hotel, grade A office, retail areas, bars, restaurants and private serviced apartments across 100 floors, including a 4 storey podium, with associated parking and services.

With environmental considerations close to the heart of the design, the tower is orientated with the South facing elevation the slimmest in profile so as to minimize solar gains. The lozenge plan form is designed to maximise the structural efficiency of the tower by reducing wind loading. Key also to the design are eight sky gardens providing landscaped communal and refuge areas, with each using flora from one of the eight regions of the Philippines. The Luzon Sky garden, located on the top floor will offer bar and restaurant facilities with panoramic views across Manila. Each storey of the building is also served by vertical stacks located so as to providing all floors with fresh air and removing stale air whilst also providing a means of natural ventilation to the sky gardens. Providing first class accommodation through sustainable planning, a mix of environmentally friendly materials and sky gardens that relate to all areas of the Philippines, the PTC tower will be a landmark project for the city and client alike. This project was undertaken as principal architects of Group GSA, Shanghai.

  • PTC Tower, Makatai, Manila - Day View
  • PTC Tower, Makatai, Manila - Night View